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Calgary Distinguished Writers Program, University of Calgary, 2015

Hello/Goodbye 2015 with Nick Thran and Ian Williams from Calgary Distinguished Writers on Vimeo.

Calgary Distinguished Writers Program, University of Calgary, 2014

Hello/Goodbye 2014 with Ian Williams and Sara Tilley from Calgary Distinguished Writers on Vimeo.

Griffin Poetry Prize Reading

York University

Fanshawe College


Our Ottawa. Hosted by Adrian Harewood.

Ian Williams speaks with Adrian Harewood about poetry, race, the state of literature, and his novel in progress, following an evening of readings and a panel, “Black Words Matter: Celebrating Black Literary Achievement,” at the National Gallery. You can read about the event here. Aired February 27, 2016.

The Politically Correct Classroom, The Agenda With Steve Paikin 

The university classroom is seen as a space for a free and open exchange of ideas. So, what effect does the fear of offending and being called-out have on students in that sphere? Does it restrict an open exploration of difficult subject matter? Ian Williams, English professor and 2014-15 Canadian Writer in Residence at the University of Calgary, discusses his experience teaching creative writing students. Aired April 30, 2015.

Doing That Civic Thing, The Agenda With Steve Paikin

Can you be civic-minded, yet not vote? Four voters who consider themselves civic-minded share their feelings about voting, the parties, the leaders and the issues that matter to them this election. Aired May 29, 2014.

CBC News


The Reaction Project

Because you can’t always trust what people say. Read faces.

Here are seven initial reactions to You Know Who You Are.

Reaction 1: You Know Who Arrives

Here’s the moment that every writer dreams of–holding his book for the first time. The book is You Know Who You Are. The man is Ian Williams. The box is getting its own reality show.

Reaction 2: Man Finds Self in Book Song

Here’s the second in a series of reaction shots to You Know Who You Are. Soul-searching friend, Joseph Yau, discovers who he is in this Korean drama, complete with subtitles, heart-rending montage, and sweeping score. Filmed in Toronto and Amsterdam.

Reaction 3: Fermanbook

Here’s the third reaction to You Know Who You Are. Filmed over eons of internal time, this coming of age story stars Fernando (best known for his performance in Massachusetts Driver’s License).

Reaction 4: Man Dines with Book

Here is the fourth reaction to You Know Who You Are. Layout designer, Jared Roberts, stars in this story of obsession, computer jacking, and workaholism. Warning: this film includes incriminating, never-before-seen emails that testify to the dark past of You Know Who You Are.

Reaction 5: Mother Has Much to Say about Book (A Silent Film)

Here is the fifth reaction to You Know Who You Are. The poet’s mother stars in this controversial silent film. Critics call it both “heartwarming” and a “travesty of patriarchal and colonial values enacted upon an innocent woman and evinced in the brutal act of silencing.”

Reaction 6: Posta Per Palazzo Rinaldi/La Bella Donna Esamina il Libro (is no longer in theatres because it was causing traffic disruptions for very beautiful people. Hopefully you got a chance to see it. Maybe in seven years, we’ll re-issue it.)

Here is the sixth reaction shot to You Know Who You Are: Mail For Palazzo Rinaldi, distributed in North America asBeautiful Woman Looks at Book. Filmed in beautiful Italy by beautiful Susanna, the beautiful film explores the preferred reading material of beautiful people.

Reaction 7: Man Reads in Light

Here is the seventh and final reaction to You Know Who You Are. Lit up, Patrick Cuff stars in this film, which is being hailed by critics as “the future of cinema,” “a new era in filmmaking,” and “a detonation of the unconscious.” Behold–the sublimifilm!

Any.One.Sentence Project

Every sentence should be a great sentence.

I asked folks to pick random sentences from Not Anyone’s Anything, then I mashed the sentences, and made new stories out of the original stories. Behold.
Trailer 1 for Not Anyone’s Anything: “Alone”
Trailer 2 for Not Anyone’s Anything: “Victory”

Trailer 3 for Not Anyone’s Anything: “Air”

Mixed Tape

Check out this playlist that I compiled for a project by Lauren Carter. In her words, “Ian Williams gives us his collection of songs that helped him write his Griffin Poetry Prize-shortlisted collection, Personals.”

It’s a great playlist, If I do say so myself.

Recitations of “Echolalia”

Poetry in Voice is a recitation contest for high-school students in Canada. In 2016, Enzo Campa, won the national prize with his recitation of three poems, including my “Echolalia,” including my “Echolalia,” my “Echolalia,” “Echolalia,” holalia,” lalia,” lia,” a,” ” ‘

You can read and listen to CBC’s take on the event as well.

Here’s another interpretation of “Echolalia” from a previous year by a French student.

And another.